Last month there were rumors of a mouthwatering collection of musical talent coming together to perform a cover of Screamin' Jay Hawkins' "I Put a Spell on You" for the on-going effort in Haiti. Why should you movie fiendish Cinematical readers care?

It's got a lot of cinematic talent inside, baby. Alongside Shane MacGowan, who has appeared in flicks and offered music to films like Grosse Pointe Blank, the participants include Chrissy Hynde (Michelle in Happy Feet), Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie, Mick Jones of The Clash (and Socrates in Hell W10), composer, screenwriter, everythingman Nick Cave (The Proposition), and *drumroll* Johnny Depp. This is my "We Are the World." The talent in this cover was meant to go together, and I really dig Depp just chilling with the guitar as the rest of the folks belt out the lyrics.

Listening to the tune (which you can see after the jump), I can't help but think of Wings of Desire and wish/wonder if we'll ever get that sort of powerful Cave rock scene again -- but this time with his voice battling the likes of Chrissy Hynde. Hmm... Maybe The Death of Bunny Munro?

Have yourself a great, gritty-voiced weekend, folks.