So this weekend I bought a pet fish. Yeah, that's about the biggest animal I can get where I live. Anyway, the purchase of the fish was easy. Naming it was not. As a movie buff, I sometimes feel obligated to be all-movie-related and if I get a pet (or one day have a child) give him or her a name that reflects a favorite film. But is that cheesy? Or obvious? Certainly naming the fish something fishy film-related is pretty silly. No naming him Nemo. Or her Wanda. I kinda wanted to name him/her Madison, but again that would provoke too many guests saying the same, "oh, I get it. Splash. Har har."

Another idea was to name the fish Asta, both a reference to my favorite pet in a movie and a somewhat sad acknowledgment that I can't have a dog instead. But no, that wouldn't be fair to the fish. And anyway, it would be a sad reminder that I can't have a dog instead. My girlfriend unfortunately already previously used the best celebrity-as-pet-name idea: Fisher Stevens. Meanwhile, I don't have enough of a favorite actor to name him by. Possibly to the disappointment of you readers, we named him Jupiter. It's a long story (and, yes, I have other interests), but the important thing is it's not a story that's cinematical in nature in any way.

But it got me wondering about the rest of you. Surely some have pets -- dogs, cats, snakes, fish, whatever -- named for movies, movie characters or favorite actors, actors or filmmakers. And I'm curious what they are. And, well, if you want to go further and admit to naming your kids after something or someone film-related, go ahead with that, too.
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