British filmmaker Peter Strickland shot his first feature, Katalin Varga, in Hungarian (a language he doesn't even speak) and now he's trading the Eastern European country for Italy -- the set of his new feature, Berberian Sound Studio. The film will be handled by UK's Illuminations Films and digital film studio Warp X. Keith Griffiths, Simon Field, Peter Carlton and Robin Gutch are producing the film which is set to start shooting in Italy later this year.

The part English, part Italian script tells the story of a sound engineer who works for an Italian horror studio that handles some of Italy's nastiest flicks. Some of the best horror film scores have come from the Italian genre so hopefully this plays out to be a clever life imitates art kind of thing.

Strickland made Katalin Varga for around £25,000 ($38,000), but will have a much bigger budget for Berberian Sound Studio. I'm hoping they invest that money into building a sexy sound studio with lots of techno-porn and blippy sounds galore. Fantasy: if Goblin or Morricone shows up, my head might explode.
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