BeyonceRemember Me writer Will Fetters was in New York this weekend to promote his romantic drama, which stars Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, Lost's Emilie de Ravin, and Robert Pattinson, but he also chatted about the remake of A Star is Born, which is on his list of upcoming projects. Seems demand for the young writer is growing; he's also adapting the Nicholas Sparks novel The Lucky One for the screen, in what seems an appropriate follow-up to Remember Me.

He inadvertently confirmed that Nick Cassavetes is doing the Star remake, although the rumors about Beyoncé and Russell Crowe are still just that. Fetters said, "I am doing A Star is Born remake with Nick Cassavetes, also for Warner Brothers... I was with Nick on Thursday. As far as I know, there's no contracts or anything, but Nick wants [Beyoncé] and I think Russell Crowe is another name that's starting to circle, but there's no contracts, there's just talks so far."

As opposed to making it in the same vibe as the earlier films, Fetters said, "We're going to try and make our own statement on that. The one thing about it is it's been made three other times, so you know, my draft of it was much more about trying to reconcile [the] modern music industry and how this, what is an iconic tale of a star's rising and a star falling, can be kind of told in the modern day. And it's really how much – not necessarily how much people change, it's how much the industry's changed and how much trying to make it [has changed]... It's disconcerting how similar it is to get to the top as it was before, but there's a lot of new in this story. It's not just going to be a derivative kind of remake."

He also said, "If it's not Beyoncé and Russell, it will be that age range, I would imagine. That's who it's written for... It's not going to end up having Zac Efron and someone... It's going to be that age range [as before]."

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