As a general rule, I just can't get into 17th century swashbuckling movies. It surprises me in some ways; I'm interested in swords and the rich costumes from an aesthetic viewpoint, but all the classic weaponry and elaborate getups aren't enough to overcome my disdain for the foppish characters who seem to populate these films. Give me Clifton Webb's dandy in Laura,
or Daniel Day-Lewis as the pompous and self conscious Edwardian "gentleman" in A Room With a View; or even the sometimes dandy/sometimes fop-psycho Patrick Bateman, but don't ask me to find the fun in The Three Musketeers' frocked and feathered Charlie Sheen. Knights in shining armor? Yes please. Celtic warriors in kilts? Rock. Oversized feather hats? Just doesn't have the same badass ring to it.

Call it a duel: Paul W.S. Anderson wants to modernize the story in his 3-D version, while keeping "...eye-popping action, romance and adventure" in the mix and Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes producer, Lionel Wigram, is looking for a helmer on the Warner Bros. adaptation. The studio is eyeing up both Marley & Me director David Frankel and Doug Liman (Mr. & Mrs. Smith) for the position. Liman seems the more likely of the duo to adapt the swordplay story, but for me it's not the director I have an issue with, it's the nagging question of why are they bothering with this in the first place?