Prior to Wednesday, I had no clue who Julian Cheah was. However, after watching this astonishingly awful absolutely amazing trailer for his new feature, Killer Clown, I've made it my life's work to track down all of this man's cinematic oeuvre. This shouldn't take me too long, because according to his IMDB page, Cheah hasn't made any other movies (his Facebook page proves IMDB wrong, though). I suspect his dance card will fill up rapidly after studio execs get a load of Killer Clown.

Twitch brought this clip to my attention on Wednesday morning and I owe them a debt of gratitude. Cheah wrote, directed, produced, starred in, and probably catered this odd melding of Hong Kong's heroic bloodshed action cinema and slasher movies about a guy who's "not a cop, more like a vigilante" on the hunt for the clown-masked killer who murdered his girlfriend. Cheah isn't effing around, either, because he tells one character "I don't want to understand him. I just want to kill him."

Picking the greatest part of this clip is all but impossible. Is it the odd way the voice-over guy pronounces words (the way he says Killer Clown at the end cracks me up), is it the "this makes porn acting look phenomenal" performances in the first scene? Maybe it's the incredibly stilted yet earnestly delivered dialogue? Could it be the fact that trailer is comprised almost entirely of scenes with people running? Perhaps it's the classic sequence where the knife-wielding maniac gets lazy and pulls out a machine gun instead? The options are endless.

I have no idea when Killer Clown is coming out, but I assure you I will be seeing it. Julian Cheah, you've got a lifelong fan in me--and I'm only half joking. Jump beyond the break to see the trailer.
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