Angelina Jolie: wrecking movies left and right and all over the place.

Just the other day, we reported that Mrs. God's-Gift-To-Tabloids had brought about the cancellation of Wanted 2: Bending Bullet Boogaloo so she could work on Alfonso Cuaron's very cool sounding Gravity. Turns out, that report may have been premature. While Jolie did pass on the Wanted sequel, it looks like she's also passed on Gravity (at least recording to Entertainment Weekly).

The exact circumstances surrounding Jolie and Gravity are currently sitting in a metaphorical manila folder labeled "Unknown." EW isn't even convinced that Gravity is set up at a studio at the moment.

I'm more upset at the idea that a nifty sci-fi joint from Cuaron is currently without backing than I am about Jolie turning down what sounds like a very juicy part. I'm hoping that Cuaron can find a capable leading lady and get Gravity made. I also hope Jolie gets off her orphan-raising butt and stars in a movie that will actually be worth my time for once. You've got to earn that star power and right now, I'm really starting to lose interest.

More as it happens. Or as long as I care.
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