Last week Quentin Tarantino hosted a below-the-line panel in Los Angeles for the Oscar-nominated members of his Inglourious Basterds crew, including director of photography Robert Richardson, visual effects designer John Dykstra and editor Sally Menke. Following the panel, Cinematical was lucky enough to catch up with Menke via telephone to ask a few additional questions. In addition to discussing the process of putting together Basterds, Menke mused about the necessity for film language in a culture saturated with cinephiles, and offered a few insights where those director's cuts come from when films make their transition from the big screen to Blu-ray or DVD.

Cinematical: How involved are you in the process when director's cuts or extended editions arrive on DVD or Blu-ray? Do most of these come from earlier cuts or do you have to reconstruct something more or less entirely?
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