I already praised Angelina Jolie far, far too much last week but now comes word of yet another
project that's so terrifyingly cool that I want to write "Why I'll Always Like Angelina Jolie Part II" just to salute her. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jolie and Darren Aronofsky are in discussions to bring Ron Rash's novel Serena to the big screen. Chris Kyle penned the screenplay, and Nick Wechsler is set to produce.

Serena is a ruthless, violent novel set in 1929. Serena and George Pemberton travel from Boston to North Carolina to establish a timber empire. It's new territory for Serena, but familiar ground for George, who has one illegitimate child to his name. But his wife soon proves herself to be the equal of any of the mountain men as she kills rattlesnakes and rivals in the wilderness. Unable to have a son of her own, Serena decides there's nothing left to do but murder George's child. The Pembertons end up pitted against each other as George seeks to protect his son and his ex-lover. Something tells me it won't end well.

The story is already drawing comparisons to There Will Be Blood. It's certainly the kind of obsessive story Aronofsky adores, and the kind of savage character Jolie made her name playing. Not surprisingly, the project in need of financing and it's being quietly shopped around Hollywood. I can see a lot of financiers being squeamish about the topic. There Will Be Blood certainly ran into similar trouble, but what happens when you try to make a film about a paranoid, ambitious, female tycoon? Won't it be fun to find out?
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