The cult of Rapture is fascinating. I'm not just talking about the fictitious, underwater dream city created by Andrew Ryan that's the setting for both BioShock and its just-published sequel. Sure, a derelict underwater metropolis-cum-dystopia filled with people who have turned into maniacs due to genetic splicing is interesting in its own right, but even more fascinating to me are the people who praise it up and down. Why?

Because BioShock 2 is a disappointment. As a sequel, it's such a consistently lackluster, uninspired enterprise that I can't understand how other people don't agree. Every review I have read has been overwhelmingly positive, praising 2K-Marin's crack at the original property created by 2K-Boston/Australia as a worthwhile return to Rapture. And I wouldn't necessarily disagree with it being worthwhile if it cost, say, $15 bucks, but it doesn't. It costs $60, just like almost all next generation games do these days. The trouble with BioShock 2, aside from the fact that it takes less than 8 hours to beat, is that it feels less comprehensive than the first BioShock.

Yes, it has a different storyline this time out. Yes, it's as meticulously designed as the first game was. Yes, the voice talent is as good as the first game. Yes, it has just as many "moral dilemmas" as the first game. Yes, the plasmids are just as cool as they were in BioShock. But that's the problem, isn't it? This is a sequel; nothing should be just as good as it was in the first game.
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