Gwyneth Paltrow as Marlene Dietrich... I won't say that it's the most ridiculous notion I ever heard. There are lots of casting choices to top it -- like, say, Queen Latifah or Steve Buscemi. But still. Is it, in any worthy way, possible? Ms. Paltrow would have to pull off one killer transformation of Val Kilmer/Jim Morrison proportions to embody the iconic, ninth greatest female star of all time.

According to WENN, Paltrow is going to play the actress in a BBC drama based on the 1992 biography Marlene Dietrich, written by her daughter, Maria Riva (and adapted by scribe Andrew Davies). There's certainly much to work with, from her start in Berlin, to her move to the American screen, to her bisexuality and famous loves like Frank Sinatra, and finally, to Dietrich's staunchly guarded reclusion at the end of her life.
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