With the 2009 Oscars to be given out less than a week away and all the experts finalizing their predictions (mine are on the way) it is fun to go back and see how the award has been publicized over the past year. Not by ABC or the marketers, but by critics introducing their prognostication skills into their reviews or just trying to remind voters on who is most deserving. Roger Ebert was well out in front last summer when he called The Hurt Locker "a leading contender for Academy Awards" and branded The Cove as "a certain Oscar nominee." Both films are primed to win their primary categories on Sunday with Bigelow's war thriller even in a position to out-perform Avatar in a statuette count.

Aside from Ebert we saw Martin Grove from The Hollywood Reporter say he "would be surprised if (The Cove) doesn't wind up being nominated in next year's Oscar race." Junket reporter Jeanne Wolf believed she saw "one of the most outrageous spitfires since Erin Brockovich" last year in The Blind Side and that Sandra Bullock's performance put "her on the must list for a shot at Oscar." I was certainly quick to mock Miss Wolf as well as Rebecca Silverstein of Teen.com who called Bullock "a surefire Oscar contender," and Pete Hammond who apparently takes sole credit for the nomination. but it looks as if I'll be proved wrong.