Movies about city slickers running afoul of clans of inbred hillbillies/rednecks are a dime a dozen in horror--but that doesn't stop fledgling filmmakers from taking a crack at updating the overly familiar tale in their own work. Such is the case with Adam Brooks' indie horror flick The Season. The ode to originality here? The assailants are excommunicated Amish folk.

The official sales sheet for The Season turned up on the film's Facebook page recently (thanks to our friends at Shock Till You Drop for spotting it), and it features the usual assortment of info one would expect to find on this sort of document. The title is set to make its DVD debut on June 29th. No word on extras yet, but a copy of the disc will set you back roughly 20 bucks.

The film tells the tale of the aforementioned group excommunicated Amish (complete with inbred mutants...). They've set up shop in Iowa, where they're capturing travelers and holding them hostage--all for the nefarious purpose of breeding them.

Yep, sounds very familiar.

The Season has played a few festivals to date and even picked up some hardware along the line. The title was honored with a "Best Cinematography" award at the Dark Carnival Film Festival and snagged the "Audience Choice Gold Medal for Excellence" at the Park City Music Film Festival 2009.

Be sure to visit the film's official site for more details and a look at the trailer.
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