Up in the AirOscar analysts can point with some confidence to the probable winners of this Sunday's Academy Awards for acting, directing and maybe even picture. But the winning blueprints for the work that goes into all feature films -- that is, the best original and adapted screenplays -- are still in doubt. In this, the first of our analyzes of the major Oscar categories that will appear here each day leading up to the Big Show, I'll examine those two ballots.

Best Adapted Screenplay

A couple of months ago, when Jason Reitman's 'Up in the Air' was widely regarded as the movie to beat for the major Oscar awards, its screenplay -- adapted by Reitman and Sheldon Turner from Walter Kim's novel -- seemed the surest bet on the board. The script, about a corporate hatchet man (George Clooney) who accumulates air miles while flying about the country firing people, is rich in irony, pathos, humor and humanity, and it begs to be admired for its writing.
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