If you were able to get past early rumors about whether or not The White Stripes duo, Jack & Meg White, were siblings or exes and dig into their music, you'll be happy to hear that the band's documentary, Under Great Northern White Lights, is arriving to DVD on March 16. The film follows the band on its 2007 tour across Canada to promote their album, Icky Thump. The tour was marked by playing shows in "secret" and unusual locales, including a bowling alley and a youth center. Sadly, the band canceled the remainder of their tour in September 2007 after announcing Meg was suffering from acute anxiety problems -- something she actually poked fun at during a tour the following year.

Emmett Malloy's Under Great White Northern Lights premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2009 and will make another appearance at Austin's SXSW festival which kicks off March 12. The film will also be shown in AMC theaters and other select venues this month. In the spirit of their DIY tour style, the band is encouraging fans to also host their own screening and is even offering "screening kits" which are available on the movie's website.

Kits are available until March 10 and include: the Northern Lights DVD, popcorn and a peppermint swirl candy. Prizes will be awarded to the most creative screenings and the band is asking that you host your party on March 16. If you're not that energetic, then find a public screening right over here. You can purchase the limited-edition box set of the film, which includes the DVD, a live DVD of the band's 10th anniversary show -- complete with live double CD, an exclusive 7 - inch, a hardcover book and a silk-screened print. Jackpot!

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