Memo to the Academy: please, please, please get the cast of Jersey Shore to film parodies of all the Best Picture nominees. Sure, it may seem like something more fitting for the MTV Movie Awards, especially since the show actually airs on MTV, but I'd rather not wait the extra couple months. Besides, with ten nominees, that gives us more Jersey Shore movie parodies. And after you watch the short Hurt Lockerparody featuring The Situation, D.J. Pauly D and Ron Ron, which was made as a promo for Lopez Tonight, you'll definitely agree.

Picture Snooki as Precious. Imagine a sketch titled "A Serious Situation." Get Pixar to animate the gang for an Upgag. And, of course, we just don't have enough Avatarparodies, do we? Aside from the quantity of nominees with which to see mashed with Jersey Shore, the quality as well as the variety of these Best Picture contenders allow for some very odd possibilities. It's probable Sammi Sweetheart has never heard of let alone seen An Education, and that's part of why it'd be fun to see her do an English accent in a lampoon of the film.

Or would all that be overkill? Well, at least we have the great, short bit, which you can check out after the jump.