It seems like it was only a matter of time before we got around to having holiday-themed zombie films. After all, filmmakers have already put the walking dead into almost every other scenario you could have imagined (and probably a few that never occurred to you), so it seems like all that was left to do was stage the inevitable zombie apocalypse on a day like Christmas.

That's exactly what Joe Zerull's horror-comedy A Cadaver Christmashas in store for audiences. The feature, which finds a janitor, a bartender, a drunk, a cop, a criminal, and a student security guard joining forces to stop a zombie outbreak on Christmas Eve, finished principal photography back at the end of July. It's currently in post-production with no official release date in sight.

A Cadaver Christmas started life as a three-minute short film featured in the 48 Hour Film Project Competition. Response was so positive that Zerull and company decided to expand it to feature length. If the trailer (which comes from Twitch) is any indication, the decision was a wise one.

Jump past the break to check out not only the new preview for A Cadaver Christmas, but the original short as well. Hopefully this title will be spreading the ghoultide cheer as we get closer to 2010's holiday season. Swing by the official site for more details.
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