Sometimes you just come across a film's synopsis and know that it's going to be a good time. Sure, you're interested in the principal talent behind the project, but description is so far into the left field that you can't help but peel an eye out for it. Well, the latest eye-catcher for me has been Won Ton Baby, starring Suzie Lorraine, Debbie Rochon, and Gunnar Hansen, which has a new teaser trailer for your perusal. But before we get to the teasing below, it would be wrong to skip over this part of the official description:

"When the fetus is removed, it is not only alive, its mutated umbilical cord soon leads the way to mischievous and, ultimately, flesh-eating, gore-filled antics. The baby's mass murdering and eating of the locals forces the Madam to confront not just her deformed child but also a secret from her past that she's hidden for years. But can the Madam solve things before it's too late? Or has she sealed her family's fate thanks to the release of the child?"

Oh, man, mutated umbilical cords that cause mischief and fatal mayhem? Where do I sign up?
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