Even though there hasn't been a meaningful update since 1995, Maitland McDonagh's Broken Mirrors, Broken Minds: The Dark Dreams of Dario Argento remains one of the seminal studies of the Italian auteur's body of work--despite only covering the films up to Trauma. Many fans have clamored for a more current version of the book (which began life as the author's Master's Thesis), and we're finally going to get our wish.

McDonagh shared the good news with Fangoria recently, telling the magazine's newly re-launched website "U of Minn approached me [about revisiting her book], and I leapt at the opportunity. The last edition only went up to Trauma, so it was badly dated, and the fact that people were still buying used copies suggested there was an audience for a new Broken Mirrors/Broken Minds."

The author goes on to add that new version will not only cover the films that came in the wake of Trauma, but will also contain revisions to the original material. "The chapter on Suspiria and Inferno, for example, now incorporates the long-delayed completion of the Three Mothers trilogy with 2007's Mother of Tears/La Terza Madre. A detailed new essay picks up where the 1995 edition left off, examining Argento's films from The Stendhal Syndrome [1996] through last year's Giallo, and addressing his volatile creative relationship with his daughter Asia."

While I personally don't agree with every observation about Argento's cinema in McDonagh's original book, there's no doubt I'll be grabbing a copy of this new version when it's published later this month. You can preorder your copy by clicking here.
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