I'm a big Ginger Snaps fan (out by sixteen or dead on the scene...) so I was pretty happy to learn that Katharine Isabelle is exchanging her fur and fangs for some camping gear in Vivendi Entertainment's direct to DVD release, Hard Ride to Hell. She's starring alongside Laura Mennel and Miguel Ferrer in a story about devil-worshipping bikers.

A group of campers traveling along a Texas desert highway accidentally stumble upon a biker gang's obscene blood sacrifice. The friends are hunted by the gang, which leads them to hide out in a decrepit church in a ghost town where a strange, young boy and a priest becomes a whole new hell for them to contend with.

It always cracks me up how movies portray bikers, like in this new still from the film where one guy has Mike Tyson style tattoos and Ferrer has a skull on his bike. I never see bikers that look like this! Also, I'm having a hard time picturing Ferrer as a badass biker since I've seen him as the smart-mouthed, quirky dude in too many TV shows, but I like him and Isabelle so I'd be willing to give this one a try when it hits Spike TV before its home video release. How about you?
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