Our first full week of Movie Club Madness is over. But really, the fun is just beginning:

Peter Hall took on the inaugural club posts for both Squad sites with some altered love. The SciFi geeks got a taste of the William Hurt-starring Altered Statesfor SciFi Squad, while the horror fiends got a little "rednecks-kidnap-an-alien" magic with Altered for Horror Squad. Over at Moviefone, they moved from The Hurt Locker to Sandra Bullock's opus, The Blind Side.

So, what's up next? The Squads kicked off their new discussions yesterday:

Alison Nastasi tweeted the heck out of her pick, Night of the Demons 2, for Horror Squad on Saturday night via #hsmovieclub and #nightofthedemons2. You can check out the full discussion kicking off today right here.

Jacob Hall, meanwhile, chose the David Bowie classic The Man Who Fell to Earth for SciFi Squad. You can catch that discussion right here.

As for Cinematical, we've got a lot of great chatter amping up about Heathers, and stay tuned for the live tweet of pick #2, The Graduate, on Wednesday 10 P.M. Eastern time via #cinemovieclub and #thegraduate, and then the full discussion this Friday.
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