In the world of 'The Hurt Locker,' the paranoia is palpable, as any civilian on the streets of Baghdad or looking out from a nearby window could be a potential insurgent bomber or sniper. In the world of Oscar campaigning, it also seems that any bystander could be a secret enemy.

Movieline blogger S.T. VanAirsdale has brought up the curious timing of several articles that discuss two mini-scandals surrounding the Oscar frontrunner, one having to do with a 'Hurt Locker' producer's e-mail that contained a dig at rival 'Avatar' and may face penalties from the Academy as a result, and a more serious one involving veterans who are coming forward and disparaging the movie for its inaccuracies. VanAirsdale wonders why these articles are being published in the days just before Oscar ballots are due (voters have to submit them by Tuesday, March 2). Could it be the heavy hand of Harvey?

That'd be Harvey Weinstein, the hard-knuckled master of Oscar campaigning, who'd like to see The Weinstein Company's 'Inglourious Basterds' upset 'Avatar' and 'Hurt Locker' for Best Picture. My take: there may indeed be an unacknowledged anti-'Hurt Locker' campaign, but it's not coming from where Movieline thinks it is.
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