Oh, book industry. You never fail to make me feel behind on the times.

The latest adaptation of a book I've never heard of is Incarceron and because I'm an old man at heart who doesn't get what you kids like in your fantasy these days, I'll let Variety tell you what this one is about:

"Incarceron tells the story of a young boy who lives in a prison that is a complete society; outside the prison, the world is stuck in the 17th century and run by computers. The boy comes into contact with the warden's daughter, who lives in her own sort of jail, and they find a key that can change everything."

Now get off my lawn! And take your fantasy lit with you!

Apparently this book has been pretty big in England since 2007. And apparently its selling pretty well in the states since its release a few weeks ago.

My ignorance of modern-genre-literature-intended-for-children aside, this doesn't sound like a half bad pitch for a movie. Sci-Fi-fantasy hybrids about plucky kids in strange worlds who solve intriguing mysteries is, and has always been, a reliable premise. And you just know Fox wants to find the next Harry Potter. It's dangerous work trying to make the next hot, family friendly fantasy movie series. It's a path filled with expensive bombs, Chapter Ones with no Chapter Twos.

City of Ember? Inkheart? The Seeker: The Dark is Rising? Even the second Chronicles of Narnia movie bombed in its own special little way.

So, what's going to to happen to Incarceron? Beats me. I thought I told you to get off my lawn!
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