Jason WinerWhen Dudley Moore played 'Arthur,' he got stuck between the moon and New York City. With Russell Brand playing him, there's no telling what he might get stuck between.

According to the The Hollywood Reporter, 'Modern Family' director Jason Winer is has signed on to remake the 1981 comedy, with Brand as the hard-partying millionaire set to inherit a fortune through an arranged marriage, only to fall in love with working class woman.

The fit seems almost to good to be true. As he's proved in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' (and its upcoming spin-off 'Get Him to the Greek') Brand, like Dudley Moore, has the charming rascal act down pat. And the film's writer, Peter Baynham, who also wrote the Sasha Baron Cohen romps 'Bruno' and 'Borat,' knows how to push the envelope.
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