Roland Emmerich has been attached to direct an adaptation of Isaac Asimov's Foundation for some time now. If that's somehow news to you, I'm sure you're scratching your head and wondering "The man behind 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow adapting Foundation? That's like a movie version of I, Robot starring Will Smith! Oh. Wait." Then you sigh and walk away slowly.

Empire spoke with the Maestro of Destroying the World on Film about his plans for the film. What he has to say is discouraging and encouraging in equal measure. On one hand, he directly calls out I, Robot as the wrong way to tackle this property:

"I, Robot as a book was so much more than it was as a film and I think, because of that, fans were very disappointed. I don't want to repeat that disappointment; I want to give people exactly what the Foundation trilogy is. You have to tell a story that represents the books but also works as a film. That's the challenge."

Does this mean that Emmerich has no intention of turning Asimov's dense story of politics and civilization into an action series? Seems kind of odd for a man who ups the ante of destruction and mayhem with every film he makes. The Foundation series does deal directly with an intergalactic civil war and the falling of a massive empire, but it's all in the background, focusing on a specially created colony that was constructed to survive the chaos through an experimental process called psychohistory, which will predict the challenges they'd encounter. The seven book series follows the colony for a thousand years or so. There's definitely scope here, but it's not the kind of scope Emmerich is known for.

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