Some movies you know backwards and forwards. Some you could see five times and still forget everything about them. And some you see at a certain point in your life when they make an impression, you don't see them for a long time and forget their existence, and when and if you happen upon them again, it's like a decade or two disappears in a flash. (The most accurate analogy I can think of is remembering lyrics to songs heard during childhood; the second they come on the radio, you're harmonizing with every phrase.)

Over the weekend I saw not one but two of my childhood favorites, The Clash of the Titans and The Neverending Story, both of which are scheduled to be released on Blu-ray soon. I will undoubtedly be covering Clash of the Titans one way or another, either here or via my "Making The (Up) Grade" column, but my surprise at the quality of The Neverending Story made it an immediate and obvious choice for this week's "Shelf Life."
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