The University of Mississippi needs a new mascot. They have not had one since 2003 when they dismissed Colonel Reb, a Southernly gentleman dressed in a white suit and hat that many felt represented a stereotypical white plantation owner. Seven years later, the student body has finally decided to vote upon a new mascot and they are looking to separate themselves from any potential racial implications. Someone with perhaps a little more color. Maybe someone not even of this world.

Leading the charge from the water planet of Dac is one Admiral Ackbar. Once a slave himself, Ackbar would be the perfect counterpoint to a decades-long cheerleader clouded in the controversial accusations of indentured servitude. Ackbar's qualifications are impressive indeed. Rising to the rank of commander in the Rebel Alliance after the Battle of Turkana, Ackbar eventually led forces during the historic Battle of Endor, which became the downfall of the Imperial forces under Emperor Palpatine.
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