If you live in or around San Jose, California, I hope you've been keeping an eye on Cinequest, a local film fest honoring new and emerging voices in independent cinema. The event actually started last Tuesday but don't worry, it doesn't end until this coming Sunday (March 7th, for those without a calendar in eye shot). Between now and then you've got two chances to check out the world premiere of Greg Derochie's feature film debut, Solitary.

Derochie has actually been working in the visual effects industry for nearly two decades in varying capacities, though most of his work has been in the digital compositing realm on the likes of Starship Troopers, Spider-Man, I am Legend and more. But judging from the exclusive clip from Solitary (starring Amber Jaeger) Cinematical was given to premiere below, Derochie has put away his old tools of the trade to deliver what looks like an effects-free thriller about a woman who may or may not be losing her mind cooped up inside her own home.

Check out the sharply-shot clip below, as well as the full Solitary trailer. If either interest you and you can't get to Cinequest, hopefully the Sedona and San Luis Obispo film festivals are a bit more accessible.