Arts & Faith, an online community of Christian arts enthusiasts, most of whom are professional cultural critics, scholars and artists, announced its Top 100 Films of all time this week. The list focuses specifically on films that explore spiritual and/or religious themes. What's surprisingly refreshing about the list isn't just what's on it -- more on that later -- but what's missing from it. There's no 'Fireproof' or 'The Passion of the Christ' or 'Facing the Giants' or even 'The Ten Commandments.' And for that, this movie-lover who happens to be a Christian says, "Hurrah!"

All too often, as Arts & Faith member and film critic Jeffrey Overstreet said in a post accompanying the list, Christian media have "celebrated art and entertainment for its 'evangelical potential' ... As a result, 'Christian art' has become more and more didactic and simplistic. Its messages are easily paraphrased. No wonder the rest of the world dismisses it so easily."
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