Blockbuster is going down hard, folks. Variety reports that following their "disastrous" third quarter, the company lost $435 million in the fourth quarter, was downgraded from "Caa1" to "Caa3" junk status, and sees its shares down 2/3 over last year. The end has got to be very near. Very near.

I remember, long ago, when Blockbuster was the place for movies. I grew up in a small, "Video World" town where only the newest releases, biggest classics, and crappiest B movies ever hit the shelves. One day, after years of mediocrity, I was in a neighboring city and finally got to visit the famous Blockbuster. it was a smorgasbord of films I'd never seen nor heard of. I was in love. If it hadn't been a half-hour away, I would've been there every day.

Fast forward almost two decades and I watched my neighborhood Blockbuster close without the slightest warning. Customers ventured out to return their rentals, and found the windows papered over and the whole biz just gone. The next closest store just had a closing super sale where they sold off their entire collection. The question now seems to be: How many months or days does the biz have left? As they bring back late fees and limit rentals in an attempt to stay afloat, I can't imagine them hanging on for another year.