If it seems like we've been hearing about the vampire film The Last Voyage of the Demeterfor years now, it's because we have. Based on a script written by the scribe responsible for the upcoming Nic Cage vehicle Season of the Witch, Demeter has been kicking around Hollywood for at least five years. Occasionally news emerges that reminds us the project still exists and that we may see it on a screen one day. Yesterday was one of those days, with THR bringing us a long-awaited update on the project.

Last we heard, Marcus Nispel was attached to direct the film--which is based on an episode from Bram Stoker's Dracula. The latest news reveals that Nispel is no longer directing the film (thank you, God...) and instead production company Phoenix Pictures is in negotiations withAustrian director Stefan Ruzowitzky. Ruzowitzky may not be a household name, but he did win an Oscar for his foreign film The Counterfeiters. I'm willing to bet that gives him one more Oscar than Marcus Nispel will ever win.

In the book, the Demeter is the ship that transports Dracula from Transylvania to England. When it arrives, only a lone survivor is on board--and he's gone mad. Dracula films never spend much time covering what happens on the ship, which always struck me as a missed opportunity. Dracula on a boat picking off passengers and crew one by one? Sounds like an early template for your standard slasher movie. Stoker was clearly ahead of his time. Demeter looks to remedy this oversight by focusing solely on this one part of the novel.

While news of movement on this project is encouraging, I'll believe The Last Voyage of the Demeter is for real when I see it on a big screen.
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