So that Jersey Shore spoof of The Hurt LockerI posted the other day was -- to my delight -- only the first of a week-long series of Oscar parodies made for the talk show Lopez Tonight. It was also only a preview, so I've updated that post with the full sketch. And now I present to you the next three parodies, two of Inglorious Basterdsand one of Avatar, all featuring the reality show stars you love to hate. Unfortunately, they aren't tackling all ten Best Picture nominees, but the rest of this week will bring more spoofs of Precious, The Blind Sideand Up in the Air. As far as guilty pleasures go, I'm fairly satisfied with the effort, though now I am left only to dream of what they could have done with District 9, Up, A Serious Man and An Education.

There is so far the impression that these parodies will decrease in quality as the week continues. Monday night's clips for The Hurt Locker and Inglorious Basterds were pretty well done, particularly in their self-parody. The latter features Jersey Shore's Vinny inserted into the opening scene, chatting with Christoph Waltz as Hans Landa (now meant to be an MTV exec) while the show's "guidette" members hide under the floorboards. Even Jersey Shore haters can appreciate how this one ends. But then last night's second Inglorious Basterds sketch was as bad as the first was good. Featuring Snooki in Brad Pitt's role, it's less self-mockery than merely an acknowledgment of depravity. Subbing the assignment of "banging" Floridians and killing braincells for the film's Nazi scalping only reminds me why I don't actually watch the show regularly. As for the Avatar spoof, it seems it was just a short one-gag excuse for George Lopez to make a crack about the film's running time.

You can watch Lopez Tonight for those Precious and Blind Side parodies, and tomorrow night brings us two bits based on Up in the Air. Check out the two Inglorious Basterds videos and one Avatar after the jump (some language and content may be NSFW). And keep up the expressions of hatred for the show in the comments.
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