If we go by sheer casting strangeness alone, Woody Allen's next film should be quite noteworthy. His casting sheets always sound intriguing, but not necessarily surprising -- great actors taking roles you can easily imagine them playing (especially if you think of the May-December Whatever Works). But this time he's grabbed not only the First Lady of France, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, but also Owen Wilson, of all people. Who on earth could be next?

According to Deadline Hollywood -- Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard. Now she's someone I'd expect to pop up in the Woodyverse. She's talented, young, female, and beautiful -- everything Mr. Allen likes in an actress. (Oh yes, and French!) There's more -- with this announcement, we also get one small detail in Woody's usually pre-production void of silence. We don't know a title, or a plot, but Cotillard will play Wilson's "muse." Considering that, I think it's fair to assume that Wilson is some sort of writer/artist/creator.

Production will gear up in gay Paris this summer, so we should hear more soon. Who knows? Maybe Ben Stiller or Peter O'Toole will be next!
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