I'll always be a fan of music groups making movies. And it's not just a love for wacky classics like Help!, Headand The Spencer Davis Group's TheGhost Goes Gear. I saw Spice Worldin the theater twice, and continue to showcase it as a guilty pleasure. But not enough bands and artists follow in the Beatles' tradition, despite how perfect the concept could have been given the rise of the music video director as auteur back in the '90s. Why couldn't Spike Jonze's first film been a movie starring -- as themselves -- Weezer, Ween or The Beastie Boys?

Well, now I at least propose that OK Go should hit the big screen. The biggest thing on the internet yesterday was the band's latest video, a Rube Goldberg-inspired spot for the song "This Too Shall Pass" that's blowing minds all over the place. (I've embedded it after the jump, in case you somehow missed it.) To call it either ambitious or impressive would be an understatement. Those words couldn't even describe the band's prior web sensation, a video for "Here It Goes Again," better known perhaps as 'the treadmill video' for it's ingeniously choreographed stunt involving exercise machines. And this new spot makes that thing look as simple as "Star Wars Kid" as far as YouTube hits go.
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