One of the more popular viral videos that's beginning to spread around the web today features Ron Howard directing a skit for Funny or Die that features a whole bunch of comic actors (most of which are former or current SNL players) all decked out as different Presidents. Returning to the fold are folks like Will Ferrell (as George Bush Jr.), Chevy Chase (as Gerald Ford), Dana Carvey (as George Bush Sr.), Jim Carrey (replacing the late Phil Hartman with his best Ronald Reagan), Dan Aykroyd (as an extremely bloated Jimmy Carter), Darrell Hammond (as Bill Clinton), Fred Armison (as Barack Obama) and Maya Rudolph (as Michelle Obama).

Obviously, on paper, this sounds like the must-see video of the month, though it unfortunately lacks a whole lotta funny. Don't get me wrong, Will Ferrell will always crack me up with his ridiculous over-the-top Bush impersonation, and it was awesome to see Carvey back at it again. Jim Carrey and Chevy Chase serve up at least one chuckle each, too, and Hammond gets by with his usual perverted Clinton shtick. Meanwhile, Aykroyd is just kinda embarrassing as a barely recognizable Jimmy Carter, and Armison never really did do the best Obama, though unfortunately that's all they got.

The primary focus of the sketch was to call more attention to the credit crisis and government regulation, but after a decent start it definitely loses its way -- partly because there's too many cooks in the kitchen, but also because it seemed kinda written on the fly to spread an agenda that gets old real fast. But maybe I'm missing something. Watch it after the jump and let us know what you think.