Filmmaker Richard Ledes and co-producer Lila Yomtoob are part of the team behind Rot & Decay Films and a new short, Haiti and Horror Movies. You can watch the six-minute video about the influence of Haitian culture on horror films after the jump.

In the wake of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Ledes explains in the video that he became conscious of a special connection to Haiti as a director about to make a horror movie. The director is talking bout his upcoming feature, Foreclosure, which tells the story of a broken family trying to stay together while a curse and the ghosts of a haunted house try to tear them apart. In Haiti and Horror Movies, Ledes details several films that have had a relationship to Haitian culture -- in particular, the reimagining (and often misrepresentation) of Voodoo. Ledes goes on to describe his amazement that the horror media was not discussing this subject and was shocked that the only person who was making the horror and Haiti connection was Televangelist Pat Robertson, who has been very vocal about making "demonic" connections to the Haitian people.

You can learn more about Ledes' new feature, Foreclosure, on the fim's official website. Hit the jump to watch the Haiti and Horror Movies short and read my recent interview with the director.
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