A group of guys working just outside of Copenhagen have built the world's biggest amateur rocket. It's ten meters tall. What have you done recently?

The rocket is no wooden replica. It's metal. And it runs on rocket fuel. They call it the Heat 1X. They are already planning the Heat 1XB and the Heat E1, which will be just about the size of a World War II V2 rocket. I ask again: What have you done recently?

I went ahead and looked up the guys doing this. They call themselves Copenhagen Suborbitals. They work in an abandoned shipyard. They're looking for donations. They're halfway to their short term goal. Their website states their long term goal as such: "Our mission is very simple. We are working towards launching a human being into space." They operate entirely on donations and sponsorships. They are not government affiliated. So, yeah...What have you done recently?

They also apparently built a submarine last year. Holy Crap.

What have I done recently?

Check out pictures over at Gizmodo.
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