This is such a strange situation. Strange and odd and kind of hilarious in its own right.

It looks like Sacha Baron Cohen and Ben Stiller had planned to entertain Oscar watchers with a little Na'Vi themed humor this weekend, but that's been shot down by Oscar producer Bill Mechanic, who is apparently worried a sketch that poked fun at Cameron would offend him so much that "he might even walk out of the Oscar broadcast on live TV."

What were they planning to do? What could so upset the Biggest Director In The World? What piece of comedy would leave Mr. Mechanic quivering in his boots? Well...

"Baron Cohen planned to appear onstage as a blue-skinned, female Na'vi, with Stiller translating "her" interplanetary speech. As the skit went on, though, it would become clear that Stiller wasn't translating properly, because Cohen would grow ever more upset. At its climax, an infuriated Baron Cohen would pull open "her" evening gown to reveal that s/he was pregnant, knocked up with Cameron's love child, and would go on to confront her baby daddy as if s/he were on Jerry Springer."
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