UpGiven the number of extraordinary animated features released in the U.S. during 2009, it seems almost unfair to point to one of them -- Pixar's computer-animated 'Up' -- as the best in class. But such has been its destiny from the day it was released last May, and on Sunday, it will claim its prize as 2009's Best Animated Feature. The movie is also on the Best Picture ballot, something only one other animated movie -- Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' -- had managed before.

Looking at the Animated Feature ballot, I'm reminded of the wealth of Best Picture nominees for 1939, the greatest of all movie years. That 10-place ballot also had a prohibitive favorite -- 'Gone With the Wind' -- among a list that included 'The Wizard of Oz,' 'Wuthering Heights,' 'Dark Victory,' 'Goodbye Mr. Chips,' 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,' 'Of Mice and Men,' 'Love Affair,' 'Ninotchka' and 'Stagecoach.'
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