Blue Sky Disney is reporting that Disney has big plans and high hopes for the renewed Tron franchise. Obviously. The viral marketing campaign rolls on, full-steam ahead, while ticket holders for this weekend's Alice in Wonderland seem just as excited for the Tron Legacy trailer (in glorious 3D, of course) that plays before the Tim Burton flick.
Blue Sky reports that Disney is moving forward with a CG-animated television series set in the world of Tron Legacy that would serve as a way to keep the franchise alive between live-action sequels to the feature film. A computer-generated cartoon about programs with personalities, fighting evil in a cybernetic world within a computer? Sounds like Tron is not the only thing getting a reboot, but ReBoot as well. Of course I realize that Tron came first, but there's a younger generation out there with fonder memories of ReBoot than of the twenty-eight year-old cult film Tron. It'll be interesting to see how Disney sets the show apart -- will it keep the darker look of the upcoming film and will it be geared towards adult fans or the Saturday morning crowd?

Tron Legacy hits theatres on December 17, 2010.
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