Horror Squad pal John Gholson has an eye for collectibles. I'm not exactly sure how he is constantly coming across objects I would never know existed otherwise, nor am I sure I actually want to know. I think we're all better off assuming that the link to his latest find, a collectible Dagon figure, came to him in a fever dream and that he awoke in a cold sweat, scrawling the url onto a notepad before instantly forgetting he ever knew it.

Okay, so maybe he stumbled across the Lovecraft-inspired nightmare from SOTA Toys on Figures.com. But since that doesn't exactly fit the madness mold that makes Lovecraft so wonderful, let's pretend it was the fever dream. Anyways, the 12-inch statue will run you $225, which may seem steep to those outside the collecting world, but it's actually a fairly standard price point. Here's the official description from SOTAToysOnline.com:

"SOTA Toys introduces the latest addition to the "SOTA Nightmares" product line, H. P. Lovecraft's Dagon. This 12-inch tall statue features incredible detail in its horrific presentation of nameless things that crawl on the ocean's slimy bed; Dagon. Made of high quality resin and special "flex-resin" in key parts, this limited edition collectible will be a prized addition to any collection highlighting H. P. Lovecraft, monsters, and, as Lovecraft stated, "gigantic, tenebrous, ultimate gods.""

So if you're interested in owning this awesome, foot-long oddity, head over here to get in your pre-order at a 10% discount.
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