There are some good, gritty yarns in the New York outer-borough cops and robbers genre. 'Dog Day Afternoon' comes to mind, or 'Prince of the City'. How about 'Fort Apache: The Bronx'? 'Brooklyn's Finest' is the latest chronicle of crime fighting across the bridges. This Overture Films release stars Richard Gere,Ethan Hawke and Don Cheadle as three tired NYPD officers facing a high-risk bust.

Nearly 10 years ago, director Antoine Fuqua's'Training Day' brought a long-awaited Best Actor Oscar to Denzel Washington. 'Training Day' veteran Hawke returns to work with Fuqua in 'Finest.' Another attraction is sure to be Wesley Snipes in a comeback role. Critics are generally applauding the cast -- but do they find the story arresting? Let's take a look.
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