A few months back, we heard the news that James Cameron was going to produce a remake of the 1966 semi-classic Fantastic Voyage, which told the harrowing tale of miniaturized scientists traveling inside a human body to destroy a blood clot. Asked about the project after receiving a lifetime achievement award at the Visual Effects Society Awards, Cameron said that the script is finished and they're currently looking for a director.

I'm not going to make any fanboy guesses about who should get behind this, but I do wonder if it'll be someone who will pretty much make the movie Cameron wants or someone who will do his own take on it. Either way, we can surely expect 3D, IMAX and all those shiny, brand new 'ol chestnuts that The King of the World loves so much. Cameron remarks that advances in medical science will allow for some "pretty amazing stuff," so expect to have everything from heart valves to fallopian tubes flying at you in gooey, amazingly rendered 3D.

Cool news, indeed. This is a spectacular B-movie concept and while I doubt the ever-humorless Cameron will embrace the campy side of this, maybe he'll get a director who will.

The script is by Cameron, Shane Salerno and Cormac and Marianne Wibberley. Shooting will commence once Cameron invents the technology to shrink actors and crew and film inside an actual human body. Fantastic Voyage will hit theaters Summer, 2030.

By that time, SciFiSquad.com will be renamed JamesCameronNewsSource.com.

(Via Sci-Fi Wire)
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