Do you suffer from insomnia? Work the late shift? Live off the blood of mortals in the pale moonlight? Good, then we've got a new Cinematical feature we'd like to run by you. As you can tell from the title above, it's a special Cinematical Late Night edition where we'll be covering the smaller goodies that tend to get lost in the shuffle over the course of a busy day. Think of this first post as a pilot; if there's enough interest, we'll keep it going on a regular basis. If not, just pretend this was all a dream...

- Neil Patrick Harris has been cast in the leading role of Raja Gosnell's Smurfs movie. He won't have a self-descriptive Smurf name, however, as he'll actually be playing a human.

- Stephen Lang, who absolutely nailed Colonel Quaritch in Avatar, has been offered the role of Khalar Singh, the villainous warlord in Marcus Nispel's reboot of Conan.

- Eclipse, the third film in the Twilight Saga, has undergone a change in the editing department. Director David Slade's pick, Art Jones (who edited both of Slade's previous films, Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night) has been replaced by Nancy Richardson, whom diehard fans will recognize as the editor of the first Twilight film.

- A new Indiana Jones movie may be inching closer to life with the familiar rumblings from Harrison Ford that Spielberg and Lucas have agreed on what idea they'll use for the story.
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