Officially or unofficially, Tim Burton is Hollywood's most prominent purveyor of fantasy fun, be it filtered through his own ideas, as in Big Fish or Edward Scissorhands, or functioning as an adaptation of a beloved text, such as with Sleepy Hollow or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. His latest effort is a big-screen 3-D update of Alice in Wonderland, which stars two of his longtime collaborators, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, and turns Lewis Carroll's magical source material into a rousing, surreal adventure.

Cinematical recently participated in a Los Angeles press day for the film, where cast and crew members offered their thoughts about Carroll's iconic text, discussed the challenges of getting into larger-than-life characters, and reflected on the fantasy worlds created by Burton, whether he dreams them up or just brings them to life. [Editor's Note: Although "Cinematical" is used to distinguish questions from answers in the text below, our journalist was just one of many reporters asking questions of the filmmakers.]