There's a cute-but-sad story over at AOL Health that proves just how involved we can get in a movie, no matter how old or young we are. Apparently, there's been a rash of salmonella cases in young girls (reportedly 50 cases to date) because they decided to borrow a page from The Princess and the Frog and lock lips with an amphibian. Only he didn't turn into a prince, he just made them violently ill for a few days. There's no report as to whether a similar number have shown interest in learning how to make beignets or gumbo.

The sad thing is, I can actually see my younger self doing something like this. I never came into contact with any frogs beyond a Grow-A-Frog I had as a pet though, so no salmonella for me. But I know I did things that were just as silly. I remember taking a razor to an eyebrow in an attempt to give myself a swashbuckling scar. Naturally, the razor slipped and I ended up with no eyebrow. To this day, that's "the weird one" that doesn't look right. Kids, rely on make-up for swashbuckling scars. That's all I'm going to say about that little incident.

I know there must have been far worse examples. I feel like I've blocked something horrible and dangerous (I can feel it in the back of my mind!), but all I can remember was my Cool Runnings game, which was hardly salmonella-inducing silliness. A frozen slide, two friends, and a crappy plastic sled? That was hours of really dorky fun. I guess we could have broken a bone jumping "into" it, but any game will do that.

But hey, this is your forum, not mine! What silly things have movies inspired you to do? It can be your older (and allegedly wiser) self, or your salad days where you thought kissing a frog was a quick fix into Disney Princessdom. Or frogdom. Maybe they wanted to live in the bayou!
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