With the Oscars only a few days away, everyone is pumping the nominees for information as to where they'll go next. USA Today caught up with Lee Daniels to discuss the glittery buzz and his upcoming projects, one of which is Selma, a film centered on the Selma to Montgomery civil rights marches of 1965.

Daniels has favored work on the Selma script over pre-Oscar festivities, and he's about to start casting. You'd expect the plum roles to go first -- Dr. Martin Luther King figures fairly heavily in the history of the marches, as do figures such as James Bevel, Hosea Williams, and John Lewis. But oddly, Daniels revealed that the only actor he has signed is someone who can't play any of the lead roles: Hugh Jackman.

It's not at all clear who Jackman will play. It's possible he could be James Reeb, a Unitarian minister who marched for civil rights and was brutally beaten to death for his sympathies. His death caused an enormous outcry outside of the South, but it was bitterly remarked (by Stokely Carmichael, no less) on that it took the death of a white man to bring attention to an African-American struggle. He could also be playing someone a lot less sympathetic such as George Wallace or corporal James Bonard Fowler, who sparked off the march when he shot the innocent Jimmie Lee Jackson. Whatever role he takes, it'll be something refreshingly dramatic for Jackman in betweenAvon Lady and Real Steel, as Daniels plans to film in May.
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