Johnny Depp is known for many things -- his dreamy good looks and his penchant for taking on unconventional roles being among the most obvious -- but one new facet of the actor's repertoire has only come to light recently; his ability to make lines of gibberish sound downright Shakespearean.

The actor's latest work hasn't earned my admiration in the same way his early performances did, mostly because it feels as though he's become a caricature of himself. If nothing else, Depp's newest film, Alice in Wonderland, is sure to be yet another title to showcase his ability to amuse us by talking without saying anything at all.

The thespian is set once again to demonstrate his unique talent for creating a new vernacular out of nonsense syllables when he tackles the role of the Mad Hatter in Burton's flick. Our sister site Moviefone has a fantastic mash-up video featuring some of the actor's finest moments of linguistic lunacy. Dig in after the jump.