One of the things I love to do with my platform here is highlight smart genre flicks that, for whatever reason, didn't get an audience. Call it a public service announcement for people who share my tastes. I wrote about The Broken last year, and Tormented in January. My latest discovery is Christopher Smith's Triangle, an outstanding British-Australian supernatural thriller (set in America) that did not get a theatrical release here, and was dumped onto DVD a month ago.

If you like this stuff, you probably already know about Christopher Smith, the Brit who brought us the exuberant, hilarious horror comedy Severance back in 2006, as well as the subterranean monster movie Creep, which I tragically haven't seen, the year before that. (Horror Squad ran a fun interview with Smith last month when Triangle was released on DVD, though be warned: it gives away far, far too much about the film.) With Triangle, Smith dumps the envelope-pushing, laugh-a-minute outrageousness of Severance, and instead embraces quiet menace, mounting tension, and stretches of deliberate confusion. It's a gleaming, gorgeous, sharp-as-a-tack horror film.
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