We live in a world with wickedly high divorce rates, so what does that mean for Hollywood's love of romantic comedy? Well, according to Variety, the answer is starter marriages. The trade reports that Universal has finally tapped Sascha Rothchild to adapt her L.A. Weekly cover story "How to Get Divorced by 30" -- an article the studio grabbed almost two years ago.

Universal had "launched an exhaustive search" to find someone to adapt the tale, but after two years, they finally came to the conclusion that no one could do it better than Rothchild herself. (With all the writers out there, I wonder if no one was good enough, or simply no one was interested?) This is her story -- she got married young, and watched her marriage dissolve as well as the marriages of five friends. As a feature film, it will focus on a woman "who road-tests the 'starter marriage' premise and then finds her perceptions redrawn by reality and relationships."

Gotta love it -- there's nothing like the lesson of stupidity in romcom form. Lots of people are getting divorced, so let's do starter marriages! (Isn't that counter-productive?) At least Rothchild has been able to turn a bad situation into a decent career -- she's turned her article into a book, and now is adapting the story for a feature film. However, she might have to pick up a few more dud husbands for follow-up efforts. All in the name of research, right?
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